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is an initiative that brings people with great ideas and those with a passion for coding together to collaborate on solutions that can help solve the problems facing the Health sector.

The Hackathon

hackathonFollowing the success of last years Hack we will be hosting a 24hr Hack in Ulster Museum located in the Botanic Gardens in Belfast on April 11th - 12th. Simply bring your device and sleeping bag we will cover the rest; food, refreshments and even a torch lit tour of the museum where Takabuti sleeps. Come in teams of up to 6 or solo. The winning team will walk away with £ 1,000 All skill levels are welcome. 16 years +
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Ulster Museum

Night at the Museum and Code For Better have combined to challenge you to create ideas inspired by sections of the Museum that can also be used within Health and Social Care

Here are some ideas inspired by each section Rocks fossils and minerals section - 1. Stones weight calculator, weight loss tips Body Mass Index guide 2. On the go easy exercises with diagrams 3. Interactive Calorie counting “Pal”, calorie counter that offers encouragement when you are doing well, chides you for eating badly perhaps even posts encouraging / disparaging content to your social media accounts. Takabuti Egyptian Mummy exhibit - 1. Mums-to-be app monitors fetal growth and tracks midwives visit 2. App for midwives following their workflow and visit to each patient 3. App for new mums that has symptoms of serious illness in kids and methods to check at home for example, meningitis Archaeology section - 1. App aimed at children that allows them to build skeletons and educates on the different bones. It can also track calcium intake throughout the day Human History section - 1. Family Tree app that also stores medical family history World Cultures section - 1. First aid tailoring kit to each country, select a country and it will recommend what insects to watch out for, if to avoid water. It will also provide you with the countries translation for ointment to use in emergency/pharmacy visit. Natural Sciences - 1. Holistic alternatives for minor ailments, natural treatments for common colds etc. Early civilization - 1. App to monitor children’s progress with language, words, colours that reflect assessments 2. Sex Ed for uninformed teens Feel free to come work on any of above or work on your own idea! Terms and Conditions Teams must only begin work on projects the morning of the 11th of April 2015 as some teams will be meeting for the first time at the museum. TotalMobile isn’t claiming IP on any ideas or code generated at the event as that isn’t in the spirit of it. Any questions please do not hesitate and contact info@codeforbetter.co

Time is up!


...until the hackathon